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Sweet Potatoes
Molly Peterson - Fri Aug 19, 2011 @ 07:07PM
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Jo Ann recently shared this note about Sweet Potatoes:

 “I've taken art classes from Val Webb and we often digress to the subject of gardening.  Recently, she told me her brother-in-law--who lives in Ocean Springs, MS--grows sweet potatoes YEAR ROUND.  You might be interested in how he does it.

Some of you have asked how you will know when your sweet potatoes are ready to harvest.  It's after the vines die back.  Note the need to "season" them a bit.  They aren't sweet unless you do.  A brown paper bag in a pantry will do the trick.

 Anyone have more to offer on the subject of sweet taters?”  Leave your comments below if you do.

 REPLY from Val to Jo Ann:  “I spoke with my brother-in-law and he confirmed that he's continuously doing sweet potatoes in tubs... he uses a 20-gallon tub from Lowe's (round with heavy rope handles, $7.99)  buries 2 0r 3 potatoes six inches deep, lets the vines grow, watches until they die back (about 100 days). The potatoes have to sit around for 1 to 2 weeks to sweeten, and then they are good to go.

A friend gave me a handful of slips (sprouted vines) from Bee Natural, so I'm going to get a tub started this evening and see what happens. Hopefully, organic sweet potatoes ready for Thanksgiving dinner! That timing is just about right."

Comments: 31


1. Molly Peterson   |   Wed Sep 07, 2011 @ 11:45AM

Looking for Sweet Potatoe Receipes. Share your favorite.

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